DB-SA2612 (D1/D2)

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Not yielding to his older brother in quality of assembly and the ability to withstand loads multiple times higher than its nominal power.

Deaf Bonce of the 26XX series is also a vivid representative of a small fighting breed.

Assembled on two 180mm ferrite rings and a voice coil with a size of only 2.6", it is able to handle 1300W of musical material of any genre for a long time and will be able to become an excellent instrument in the hands of competitor who is ready to move from a novice league to a higher professional level.

DB-SA2612/15 will undoubtedly become the leaders in the middle price segment at the car audio market, surpassing most of its competitors.

Model - DB-SA2612D2 / DB-SA2612D1

Type - Subwoofer

Size - 12 inch

Voice Coil Size - 2.60 inch

Cone - Paper

Magnet - Ferrite

Voice Coil Wire - Alu

RMS Power 1500w

MAX Power - 3000w

Frame - Steel

SPL - 84.00 dB

FS - 33.00 Hz

QTS - 0.39

BL - 18.80

VAS - 43.00L

XMAX - 16.00mm

Mounting Depth - 6.56 inch

Cutout Dimension - 11.00 inch

Gross Weight - 33.07 lbs

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